Saturday, April 30, 2005

I would have guessed 9th...

Where Else? West Lafayette, IN

Girl Taking Shot: UGH! It tastes like 7th know, like hairspray and pot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Or Ever?

Indianapolis City Market

Girl: What part of back acne makes you think, "You know, I should wear a tank top today"?

submitted by lindseyk2k2

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What About Ass Filet?

Melrose Diner, Chicago, IL

Diner #1: What's the butt steak?
Server: It's like rump roast, but we call it butt steak.
Diner#1: Oh, huh...
Diner #2: Don't pay attention, he just wanted to say 'butt steak'.
Server: Don't worry; everyone does.

(I should also include that this server looked exactly like Carson Kressley from QESG)

submitted by Ami

You're Not His Type, Either

Harry's Chocolate Shop, West Lafayette, IN

Queer: Are you Jewish?
Guy: No, Catholic. Why?
Queer: Oh, I always have a thing for Jewish guys.
Guy: I'm straight.
Queer: Straight and Catholic...that is SO not my type.

Cigarettes are Slimming

Grocery Store

Fat Mom: You know, smoking is bad for you...causes cancer.
Smoker: Thanks, cookies cause fat.

Not the DOG!

watching tv

Eskimo Guy On TV: Why are you tongue-kissing my dog?
Friend In Kitchen: Cum-tease is my dog?
Me: NO! Tongue kiss!
Friend in Kitchen: What is cum-tease?


Jake's Roadhouse, West Lafayette, IN

Drunk: So, I'm reading this novel about how to kill an Amish person.
Sober: How is that? With a cart?....a mule?
Drunk: No, use a sword!

I Just Want a Sandwich!

Panera Bread in Chicago

Hungry Girl: I'll have a chicken salad on white.
Panera Guy: Chicken salad on WHO?!
HG: White?
PG: We don't have white bread.
HG: What do you have?
PG: French.
HG: Um, that's white...


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The purpose of this page will be to share the things you hear everyday as you complete even the most mundane tasks. Those things you hear and look around to see if anyone else thought it was as odd as you did.

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